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Hello one and all! The name is Laura but many prefer to call me Rebel. I am quite the nerd. I cosplay, craft, write fan fiction, and have spent so many hours playing video games that even Steam lost count. I am a diehard Mass Effect fan, spending at least 2000 hours playing it. I'm also a Whovian, Sherlocked, a Brony, and proud Louisianan.

So please... enjoy your stay. ^_^
Posts I Like

League of Legend Jinx Zapper Gun made by Blackleaf Creative

This replica is already painted, weathered, and assembled. It is made out of urethane resin and clear acrylic tubing. It has a total of six blue LEDs that allow the barrels and crystal to glow, all of them are powered by one 9V battery. From the tip of the crystal to the back of the handle it measures about 14 inches long. It is 8 inches tall and about 3-4 inches wide. It is very light-weight, not even weighing two pounds (about 1lb 7oz). Perfect for all Jinx cosplayers.

The resin kit for this prop is available at the Blackleaf Creative’s website.

This completed version is currently up for auction - Click here to view.

Wreak apocalyptic carnage and massacre the undead in this darkly comedic action game. 3 days left on Kickstarter!

Rebel Among The Star’s DragonCon costume lineup:

  • Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • Miranda Citadel DLC from Mass Effect (made by Blackleaf Creative)
  • 4th Doctor’s Scarf Dress from Doctor Who
  • MechaDash from My Little Pony
  • Salarian from Mass Effect

Marvin the miserable robot (paranoid android) from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

I completed this costume in less than a week. It is crafted from EVA foam and a 20 inch acrylic globe. Since I am on my knees in this costume, I have construction worker’s kneepads to help me walk around for long periods of time.

More photos are on my Rebel Among The Stars page.


This pretty much sums up how I feel after watching Deep Breath. So many feels. I need to go curl into a ball now.

Deep Breath - Doctor Who Season 8 premiere

I see you, Doctor. I see you. Doctor… my Doctor.



One of many hilarious and awesome moments I shared with my friends at Bronycon. The quality isn’t my best, but I really wanted to push through and draw this tonight. I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since then.

I love this! This drawing is of the awesome people I got to share a room with at BronyCon. It was non-stop hilarity and I miss them so much!


I’ve seen so many people lately get really competitive over being the first at a costume and people getting bashed for attempting a similar costume at the same time as someone else. It doesn’t matter who did it first or who does it better. Love your fandom and embrace your cosplay!

Embrace your geekiness! Embrace your fandom! Embrace your cosplay!


rebel666 I loved the Cosplay!

Thank you!!!! ^_^

MechaDash at BronyCon 2014!

If you have any photos of my MechaDash, please show me! I would love to see them! I know I took some selfies with a few people and some of you caught MechaDash dancing at Bronypalooza!

Photo credits - 1st one: kymberlyannkeys, 2nd one: Eric Bennett, 3rd one: Ely Myers , 4th one: ThunderEcho

MechaDash created and worn by Laura Ducros of Rebel Among The Stars Studios. Rainbow sword and lights done by Jerry LaRussa of Blackleaf Creative.