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Hello one and all! The name is Laura but many prefer to call me Rebel. I am quite the nerd. I cosplay, craft, write fan fiction, and have spent so many hours playing video games that even Steam lost count. I am a diehard Mass Effect fan, spending at least 2000 hours playing it. I'm also a Whovian, Sherlocked, a Brony, and proud Louisianan.

So please... enjoy your stay. ^_^
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I am the very model of a STG Salarian
I was inducted to the Spectres before that damn Turian
I’m quite good at battle tactics as I fought against the Rachni
Even though the Krogans took most of the credit away from me
I won’t compare myself to one of those primitive barbarians
I am the very model of a STG Salarian

-(Sing to the tune of Scientist Salarian)-

This is my multiplayer Engineer Salarian
character brought to life. I kept seeing a bunch of Mordin cosplayers but no one has done another Salarian yet… until now. The armor is made entirely out of foam (3mm, 5mm, and EVA). The helmet is made out of foam and has clear plastic for the visor and the Salarian head on a clear projector sheet inside (so I can see). I plan on debuting this at C2E2 this weekend! I also plan on wearing this to SDCC and DragonCon.

I have more pictures posted on my Facebook page - Rebel Among The Stars Studios ( Please like my page ^_^ )

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These are brilliant!

Now THAT is an awesome prank!

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My Little Pony Cutie Mark Dream Catchers by Rebel Among The Stars Studios.

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And here is the first compilation of my ‘Yzma is Best Princess’ series.  I meant to do it when I completed 10, but people wanted a compilation, apparently.  So here is the first 8.  It’s been a wild ride so far and I’ve still got several more to go >.>

Watercolors, ink and digital outline.


Daft Punk “Something About Us” on 8 Floppy Disk Drives







Tainted Love played on 13 floppy drives and a hard drive.

That is all.

this took me 4 seconds to reblog

Someone literally took one of the scariest sounds in the world and made it pretty.

worldiary this may be to your enjoyment 

For those too young to know this: those used to be the worst noises in the developed world.

Best thing

Embracing my inner nerd!

"Eye of the Tiger" on a Dot Matrix Printer

Such biotics. Great wind. Wow.

Ba-ba-ba ba-banana. Ba-ba-ba ba-banana. POTATO!

I absolutely love the minions… but who doesn’t? I had these items available for some time at my Artist Alley tables and I am finally getting around to posting them online. They are now available in my Etsy store -