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Hello one and all! The name is Laura but many prefer to call me Rebel. I am quite the nerd. I cosplay, craft, write fan fiction, and have spent so many hours playing video games that even Steam lost count. I am a diehard Mass Effect fan, spending at least 2000 hours playing it. I'm also a Whovian, Sherlocked, a Brony, and proud Louisianan.

So please... enjoy your stay. ^_^
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I kept seeing all these beautiful TARDIS and Dalek dresses and wanted to make my own… but something I haven’t seen done before. I love making Baker’s scarf in all the different versions and lengths so I decided to make my own version as a dress!

This is completely crocheted. It measures 48 inches long and is crocheted to fit tightly on my body. Once I was complete, I sewed a liner on the inside and put it on. It fit on the first try. I’m planning on making more versions of this (like a halter-top) and making other iconic accessories into crocheted dresses (like Jayne Cobb’s hat).

I wore it to Con Kasterborous in Huntsville, AL and it won Most Creative in their costume contest. The best moment happened right afterwards when I was standing in front of the main room after the costume contest and Sylvester McCoy came up and said, “Now THAT is a scarf!” He really loved my scarf dress and said I looked fantastic in it. :3

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